Need Urgent Help?
Stepfamilies Australia is not a crisis response. For crisis responses please call:
  • 000 – Police for immediate safety
  • 13 11 14 – Lifeline
  • 1800- RESPECT (1800- 737 732) family violence and sexual assault 24- hour telephone support

Can you support Stepfamilies?

Stepfamilies are the fastest growing family type in Australia. Although research around step and blended families is limited previous research from Australia and the US has informed us of a few important factors that makes these family types more vulnerable than those living in a nuclear family structure. One of these more concerning factors is that family violence is more common in stepfamilies. It is essential we find out more about step and blended families through research so we as a nation are in a better position to provide much needed support and resources to these families. For more information on the latest research click here.

If you are an individual or organisation that thinks you could financially support stepfamilies Australia to be the nation’s leader in step and blended families or are able to support the roll-out of much needed resources we would really love to hear from you! We have a range of sponsorship packages or you can simply make a one off donation here.

For more information about sponsorship and/or partnering with Stepfamilies Australia please get in touch with us on (03)9663 6733 or email