Need Urgent Help?
Stepfamilies Australia is not a crisis response. For crisis responses please call:
  • 000 – Police for immediate safety
  • 13 11 14 – Lifeline
  • 1800- RESPECT (1800- 737 732) family violence and sexual assault 24- hour telephone support

Why we exist

Biological families have family trees. Stepfamilies have family forests

But we all know it’s easy to get lost in a forest. And not see the wood for the trees! Re-partnering, settling into new routines and bringing up kids between a number of households can get pretty chaotic. But stepfamilies can form strong healthy bonds and raise healthy, happy children.

As one of Australia’s fastest growing family types, we are proud to support and strengthen stepfamilies with a range of resources, educational tools and training for both family members and service providers.

You’re not alone

There are an estimated 1-in-5* Australians who are part of a stepfamily.  Stepfamilies are part of a growing community of families committed to building happy, healthy, blended lives.

Stepfamilies Australia provides tools and resources to strengthen the bonds of step and blended families, and inspire a society that recognises, values and supports these families to achieve their highest potential.

With support from Stepfamilies Australia we wrestled control back from the expectations of former partners and the kids, and learnt to parent differently. It wasn’t easy at times, but it was great to have the expertise of people who understood our unique challenges.

With support in forming stepfamilies, through to assisting already blended families on their journey, we’re here to offer some extra specialist help.

*Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2010