Need Urgent Help?
Stepfamilies Australia is not a crisis response. For crisis responses please call:
  • 000 – Police for immediate safety
  • 13 11 14 – Lifeline
  • 1800- RESPECT (1800- 737 732) family violence and sexual assault 24- hour telephone support
Stepfamilies – an overview

Stepfamilies – an overview

Starting a step family (full time or part time) comes with many differing expectations and emotions, which will be confronting and new to you. It is important that clear boundaries are set from the start so that both adults and children know and understand their roles. These rules and boundaries help everybody feel more secure, and will help children to settle into the new or changing living arrangements.

Stepfamilies vary greatly.

It is unsurprising that in comparison to a ‘nuclear family’ there are other emotional and practical problems for both adults and children in a stepfamily to deal with.